Available for appointment as Mediator or Co-Mediator in a wide array of disputes, such as; commercial, family, communal and workplace disputes.


Available for appointment as Sole Arbitrator or part of a Panel in commercial disputes.

Research & Strategy Consulting

Available for engagement as a Research & Strategy Consultant to; carry out studies and analysis, as it relates to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, to develop articles, opinion papers, research papers, proposals, academic and professional publications, and work with executives of Dispute Resolution institutions and organizations to review existing operations, advise on initiatives, policies and strategies for implementation to produce advantageous and sustainable results

Arbitral Secretary

Available for appointment as Arbitral Secretary.


Available for engagement as a Trainer and Facilitator in Dispute Prevention and Management, as well as consultation to design training modules and content, review existing training materials, and propose training programs and initiatives that will align with the needs and objectives of the target audience.

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